Which payment method do Germans and French people use most for online shopping?

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  • E-commerce market size (2020): 62.8 billion euros
  • Number of online shoppers (2020): 61.2 million
  • Online consumption per capita (2020): 947 euros


Germany’s e-commerce market share is second only to the United Kingdom. Consumers are more willing to buy goods on international websites (about 51% of online retail comes from international websites).

But unlike the UK, card payments in Germany only account for 13% of the payment market. In Germany, the most popular payment method is bank transfer (accounting for 51% of online payments), of which Giropay and Sofort are prominent.

Giropay was established in Germany in 2006 and supported more than 1,500 German banks and 45 million online users. About 80% of German online consumers use Giropay. You only need to enter the bank’s IBAN to enter Giropay for payment. However, GIropay does not support chargebacks.


  • E-commerce market size (2020): 38.3 billion euros
  • Number of online shoppers (2020): 45.4 million
  • Online consumption per capita (2020): 752 euros


France is the third-largest e-commerce market in Europe and has maintained strong growth with a compound annual growth rate of 10%. However, Internet penetration and online per capita spending are slightly lower than the European average. French people prefer to use cards to pay (57% of online payments) than British people in terms of payment options. Interestingly, the most popular card organization in France is Cartes Bancaires (CB), a market share of more than 77%.

Cartes Bleue is not a local wallet but a French debit card issued by the French card organization Cartes Bancaires, with more than 65 million issued worldwide. The Carte Bleue card allows transactions without the issuing bank’s online authorization, but since 2010, the Cartes Bleue single-label card has been phased out and replaced by a Visa debit card.

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