Tips from the Pros: How to Save Money on Flowers


Flowers are some of the best gifts to send for their unique beauty and symbolism. But flower delivery in the UK can get expensive fast, especially when you do it often.

It’s a nice feeling to send and receive flowers. The first time I ordered flowers, I wasn’t sure which arrangement to pick. There were many beautiful choices, but they were all costing too much. In the end, I chose a standard pink bouquet for my boyfriend’s mum – a safe choice for a first meeting.

The last time I ordered flowers was to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I wasn’t around to celebrate her special day, so I opted to send her a sunny bouquet of sunflowers to spread some cheer. I didn’t think much of the price of the flowers, but I feel like I overpaid. Sunflowers weren’t in season at that time, so the stocks were imported.

If you have had a similar experience or have never tried sending flowers because it seems expensive, read these tips from the pros that can make buying flowers more accessible.

5 Florist’s Tips on Saving Money on Flowers

  1. Choose local flower shops.
  2. Ask for the designer’s choice.
  3. Skip the add-ons.
  4. Try going for the minimum.
  5. Pick up the flowers from the shop.
  6. Choose local flower shops.

Nowadays, we rely on Google for everything. We simply need to type in our query, and it will help us find what we need. For example, type in ‘flower delivery near me‘, and you will find several flower shops in the area. However, not all of these businesses are operating locally.

Local flower shops can give you exclusive discounts and the freshest flower products. As these are often a few miles from home, they can quickly deliver your flowers within the day of ordering. At the same time, you won’t have to pay extra fees or charges you would encounter with order gatherers or middlemen.

If you are worried about convenience, most florists now have a website and social media business page where you can contact them and place your order. When you order from a local florist, you have a chance to see how your bouquet is arranged. Unlike with online flower retailers, you only see the front of the bouquet.

If you have time, visit the florist shop in your area to see which flowers are in stock. It will give you an idea of which blooms are best given in which season, which lowers the cost of the bouquet. You can even place your order early to save a slot during busy days.

Ask for the designer’s choice.

Though they are business people, florists are artists and designers who love and enjoy what they do. When you call or visit a flower shop, ask for the designer’s choice. The florist will then work with what they have on hand and what is in season to design a unique arrangement.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a say on the output. You can still provide guidance on price range, colour scheme and other style elements.

Skip the add-ons.

It is tempting to add a cuddly teddy bear, a bottle of wine, a box of artisan chocolates, balloons or some other stuff you might find at the florist shop. But you don’t need those things to impress the person receiving your floral gift. A lovely arrangement of flowers on its own is already a treat. If you wish to add extras, buy them from a different store where you can get them cheap. Also, handwritten letters or cards are often preferred and better appreciated by recipients.

Try going for the minimum.

Before ringing in your final order, ask the florist about their minimum. You can save a lot when choosing the florist’s choice and going for the minimum. It might not give you a dozen roses, but you are sure to end up with something worth the price.

Pick up the flowers from the shop.

If you really want to save money but still send flowers to your loved ones nearby, the best option is to deliver the flowers yourself. When you pick up the flowers from the shop, you do not only save on delivery fees, but you also have the chance to inspect the quality of the bouquet.

Rethinking your options

You might think that buying flowers from supermarkets is a great idea to save you money, but that is far from the truth. In reality, you are paying to get flowers that have bloomed and are past their prime.

If you wish to send flowers on a tight budget, ask your local florist for suggestions on how you can stretch your budget. They are the best people to guide you in purchasing the right flower arrangement for you and the occasion you celebrate.


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