The Ultimate Guide to Repelling a Curse

Repel a curse


You may suspect that you have been cursed when you have nightmares, see omens, and deal with disease and bad luck. Feeling cursed can be very scary, but you may be able to protect yourself. Taking a salt bath or fumigating your surroundings can help remove negative energies or a weak curse directed against you. Another option is a simple candle spell to break the curse or build a mirror box that will send the curse back to the person who cast it.

Take a salt bath

Stir 1 cup (275g) sea salt and 1/4 cup (30g) baking soda into a hot bath.

Choose the water temperature so that it is comfortable for you. Then add the salt and baking soda to the bath water as a cleanser. Using your hand, stir counterclockwise until the salt and baking soda are dissolved. You don’t have to be specific with the salt and baking soda. It’s okay to just use 2-3 handfuls of salt and a pinch of baking soda. Use Epsom salt, sea salt, or Himalayan salt.

Tip: If you like, add a bit of essential oil to your water. Lavender, spearmint, tea tree oil, rose or sandalwood oil are all great options for physical and spiritual cleansing.

Say a spell or pray before entering the water.

Close your eyes and hold your hands over the water in a prayer position. Then say your cleansing spell or say a prayer to ask for the negative energy to be removed from you. You could use a phrase like this: “Salt and water make me clean bring me the perfect healing now, may this water set me free, so be it”. Your prayer might go something like this: “Dear God/Goddess, thank you for taking care of me. Today I ask you to cleanse me of this negative energy that is plaguing me. Please reverse this curse and let me become pure. Amen”.

Visualize positive energy flowing into your bathroom.

After completing your spell or prayer, imagine a white light of positive energy flowing into your water. Then imagine the light enveloping you and your ritual bath in cleansing energy. The light could be a focused beam of light or it could spread outward.

Stay in the water for at least 30-40 minutes to allow it to cleanse you.

Get in the bathtub and let yourself sink under the water. Close your eyes and relax for 30-40 minutes. During this time, imagine a white light enveloping you and think positive thoughts. You could keep repeating your spell or prayer while you bathe. This might help you focus on the cleansing power of your bath.

Purify your energy with smoke

Purify your energy with a selenite crystal.

A selenite crystal is a white, rectangular crystal known for its purifying properties. Hold the crystal about 20 to 40 cm away from your body. Swipe down and outward from your head to clear your aura. When you finish a wipe, bring your arm away from your body as if wiping the energy away from you. This process could help you clear your aura of negative energies and attachments, such as a minor curse. You can purchase a selenite crystal from a store that sells crystals, a magic store, or online.

Light a bunch of sage and use a quill to fan the smoke over you.

Place your sage bundle in a fireproof container. Then light the sage and blow out the fire so the sage is glowing. Use a feather to fan this smoke over your body. Start on your head and work your way down to your feet. Sage comes from the tradition of the native peoples of America. You can use it to cleanse yourself and your space of negative energies.

Variant: If you want, you can hold the sage bundle in your hand and fan it around your body.

Say a cleansing spell or prayer.

When purifying yourself with smoke, say a spell or prayer that makes clear your intent to get rid of the curse or negative energy. In your spell or prayer, say that you know the curse will be broken so your ritual will have more power. Say, “Earth, fire, water and air, be the answer to my prayer, banish this curse and make me pure, today I ask for a blessed healing.” You could pray, “Dear God/Goddess, please cleanse me of this negative energy and lift the curse. I know that you will set me free Amen”.

Make a simple witchcraft with a candle

Place a candle in a bowl and add water up to 3 cm below the rim.

Get a medium-sized bowl and place a candle in it. A tapered candle works best, but any candle will do. Then add water to the bowl until the candle is almost covered. For the witchcraft, leave about 3 cm of the candle sticking out of the water. A black candle is best if you have one. You can find a black tapered candle at a department store, magic store, or online.

Sprinkle a handful of salt in the water around the candle.

Add as much salt as you like to enhance the cleansing effects of your magic. You can use table salt, but it would be best to use sea salt or Epsom salt if you have any. These have not been processed like table salt, so their effects are stronger.

Stare at the bowl of water and imagine a ray of white light pouring into the bowl. Imagine that this light has positive, cleansing properties. Take several slow, deep breaths while imagining the light. In pagan traditions, this practice is used to infuse the water with positive energy to make your magic work better.

Light the candle and say your saying or prayer.

Use a match or lighter to light the candle. While it’s burning, recite a spell or prayer to break the curse. Be sure to complete your spell before the candle goes out. You could say, “Earth, fire, water and air, be the answer to my prayer, banish this curse and make me pure, today I ask for a blessed healing.” You could also pray, “Dear God/Goddess, please cleanse me of this negative energy and lift the curse. I know that you will set me free Amen”.

Let the candle burn down to the water and extinguish.

Don’t blow out the candle because it’s better to let it go out. Let the candle burn until the wick reaches the water. At this point the water will extinguish the candle. Your magic is almost complete! In pagan traditions, allowing the candle to go out by itself enhances and sustains sorcery.

Break the candle in two and bury it outdoors.

Take the candle out of the water and bend it in half. Try to bend it enough to break it. Then take the bowl and candle outside. Dig a small hole and bury your candle. Burying the candle completes the magic and breaks the curse.

Pour water in a circle around the buried candle.

Pour the water slowly so that you can draw a complete circle with it. If you still have water after that, make another circle. With this you seal the magic. Because of the salt in the water, the grass around the buried candle could die off.

Build a mirror box

Get a small box, like a tin box or cardboard jewelry box.

It should be small because that will be easier to handle. Choose a crate that you don’t want to use for anything else. Candy boxes, cardboard jewelry boxes, or small wooden crates are great options. Make sure the box is clean. You may need to wipe them down with a damp cloth. You can purchase a small, unpainted wooden box at a craft store. Another option is to get creative and use an old cosmetic box or cream jar.

Buy a small mirror and don’t look at your reflection in it.

Buy a mirror small enough to fit in your box. Ideally, the mirror should almost or completely cover the lid of your box. The best thing is not to look at yourself in the mirror because you want to avoid letting your energy go into the box. You could also use several tiny mirrors to cover the inside of the box’s lid. It’s not the end of the world if you accidentally see yourself in the mirror. When this happens, burn white sage and wave the mirror in the smoke to clean it.

Glue the mirror to the inside of the lid of a small box or can.

Use hot glue, regular glue, or super glue to attach the mirror to the inside of the lid. Press the mirror against the lid so that it sticks. You may want to cover the mirror with a black cloth while you do this so you don’t look inside. However, be careful not to glue the cloth.

Variant: Some people break the mirror before assembling their mirror case. To do this, wrap the mirror in a black cloth and hit it with a hard object, such as a hammer. Then glue the pieces into the box.

Put a symbol for the person who cursed you in the box.

If you know who cursed you, place an item representing that person in the box. If not, use a small doll or piece of paper that says “The person who cursed me.” Place this item in the box so that it is under the mirror. Here are a few good options for items that represent the person: A photo of the person A small doll Some of the person’s hair An item that belonged to the person The person’s name

Tip: If you’re using a photo, you could tape it to the bottom of the box so it’s always facing the mirror.

Close the box and place a black candle on it.

Put the lid on the box and seal it if possible. Then place a black candle on top to complete the magic. It doesn’t matter how big the candle is. If the box is smaller than the candle, you can also put the candle next to the box. You can buy black candles at a department store, at a magic store, or online.

Say a spell or prayer to remove the curse.

Once your crate is complete, cast a spell or prayer that makes clear your intention to lift the curse. Send the person’s negative energy back to themselves. You could say, “Broadcaster of evil, menacing foe, after this spell you will reap your seed. This mirror sends back what you sent, my hands are clean, my spirit will heal. With this saying my soul is free, so I wish it, so be it”. You could also pray, “Dear God/Goddess, I pray that you will send this curse back to the person who sent it to me. After this prayer, any negative energy she sent me will return to her. Amen”.

Light the candle and let it burn.

Use a match or lighter to light the candle. Then let it burn until it goes out by itself. This could take a while depending on how big the candle is. Do not leave the candle unattended. If you must leave while the candle is burning, use a glass jar to smother it without blowing it out. That’s not how you fade your magic.



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