Due to the epidemic, there is a shortage of cartons in the UK

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The epidemic has changed people’s consumption habits. Many people in the UK have become accustomed to online shopping, which has led to a surge in demand for paper packaging from businesses. However, due to the epidemic, there is a shortage of cartons in the UK, and recycling is also facing difficulties.

In the UK, with the extension of the epidemic lockdown period, online shopping has become more and more common. From potted plants to bicycles, they are packaged and sent directly to consumers’ homes. The surge in online orders has greatly boosted the demand for packaging cartons. Many merchants stated that they could no longer deliver the cartons due to the emergency. Some wine retailers and toy retailers in the UK had to extend the delivery time from 2 days to a week to deal with the logistics problems of packaging cartons.

People used to go to toy stores to buy goods and put them in a bag. It’s different now. If a consumer buys ten toys online, the merchant may need ten separate packaging cartons to send the goods home.

At a carton company in Birmingham, staff are working overtime to process online box orders. According to the staff, there are three large trucks in the warehouse every day, which complete more than six times of receiving and transporting cartons, but they still cannot meet the needs of the market.

General Manager: Our pre-arranged orders are now in June, which is really rare. The price of packaging boxes has increased by 6% to 7%, and we have already considered a new round of price increases. Because the demand for the whole year of 2021 is too high.

The person in charge Mike said that the warehouse was full at this time last year, and now two-thirds of the cartons have been sold. Many of the packaging cartons behind me were ordered in December last year. The current demand on the market is too high, but the supply is extremely limited, and these goods were delayed for nearly two months before delivery.

It is understood that some of the raw materials for packaging cartons in the UK need to be imported from Germany and the Netherlands. In the second half of 2020, the paper that can be used for packaging inventory in Europe has fallen by 20%, and the entire market is in short supply. The British Paper Industry believes that with the recovery of European paper production capacity in 2021 and the lifting of the blockade of various countries, supply is expected to reach a balance.

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