A Step-by-Step Guide to Do-it-yourself Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas fairy lights

Tired of store-bought Christmas tree decorations? Would you like to decorate your tree individually? Or are you just looking for a fun Christmas project for you and your family? Then you are exactly right here! This article will show you how you can make great tree decorations yourself – cheap and easy. Have fun crafting!

Simple DIY tree ornaments

Pine cones with spray paint.

Gather some pinecones – large or small – and spray paint them with gold or silver paint. Glue some ribbon to the top and hang it on your tree. Alternatively, you can roll the pinecones in glue and then in glitter powder for a very special glitter effect.

Make a popcorn cranberry garland.

Take a needle and strong thread (nylon or waxed cotton), a bowl of popcorn, and a cup of cranberries (you can use raisins as an alternative). Thread the twine and tie a thick knot at the end. Now alternately thread the popcorn and the cranberries onto the twine. You can also follow another pattern. When you’re done, tie another thick knot at the other end of the twine. You can hang the garland indoors on your Christmas tree or outside as a tasty snack for the birds.

Make Lego gifts.

This is something easy for kids! Arrange some large Lego bricks in a square or rectangle so that it’s in the shape of a present. Take the colored ribbon and tie it around the lego bricks. Knot it and finish with a bow. You can put your Lego gifts under the tree or hang them on the branches.

Make a wine gum snowflake.

Take a large, round wine gum and insert six toothpicks into it at regular intervals. Stick some smaller wine gums onto the toothpicks until they are full. Attach a ribbon to your snowflake and hang it on your Christmas tree or simply place it on a branch.

Make a Puzzle Rudolf.

Take five puzzle pieces (two of them must match) and paint them brown. A puzzle piece serves as the basis. Take the two matching pieces and glue them to the bottom half of the base. Now you have the face. Now take the remaining two puzzle pieces (not put together) and glue them to the top half of the base. They form the antlers. Glue a round, red piece of felt or a red wine gum to the bottom of the puzzle pieces as Rudolf’s red nose. Also, add two round eyes. Finally, attach a piece of ribbon and hang it on your tree.

Make cinnamon stick bundles.

Take six cinnamon sticks and bundle them together by tying them with red or green ribbon. Make a loop on the knot. Hung on your Christmas tree, they give off a wonderful fragrance and are pretty to look at.

Salt dough tree ornaments

Take the necessary ingredients and kitchen utensils.

To bake salt dough you need 120 g fine wheat flour, 60 g salt, and 120 ml water. You’ll also need Christmas-themed cookie cutters (stars, Christmas trees, angels, wreaths, etc.), a baking sheet, some toothpicks, ribbons, acrylic paint, and glitter glue for decorating.

Make a salt dough.

Mix flour, salt, and water in a large bowl. Mix everything into a dough. Place the dough on a floured surface and knead well. If the dough is too sticky, add some more flour. Just be careful not to add too much flour, otherwise, the dough will become too dry and break.

Cut out motifs from the dough.

Using a floured rolling pin, roll out the dough until it is about 1/4 inch thick. Cut out Christmas motifs from the dough. Place each motif on a floured surface while you work the rest of the dough.

Punch a hole in each motif for hanging.

Before you bake your designs, poke a hole in the top of each one for the ribbon to hang it on. Use a toothpick for this; twist it until the hole is big enough to thread the ribbon through.

Bake your tree ornaments.

Place your motifs on a floured baking sheet and slide it into the middle shelf of an oven preheated to 120°C. Bake them for two hours, then remove them from the oven and set them on a wire rack to cool.


Once the motifs have cooled completely, you can decorate them with acrylic paint and glitter glue. Depending on your taste, you can paint intricate details with a fine brush or simply give your tree decoration a color. You can also add other decorations, such as sequins, buttons, and glass crystals.

Thread a ribbon through the hole.

Cut some ribbon – red, green, or white is best – and thread it through the hole at the top of your design. Tie a knot and hang it on your tree. If you like, you can write the date on the back of your tag. That way you always know when you made it.

Felt snowman to attach

Gather your materials.

To make your felt snowman you will need white, brown, orange, and black felt pieces. You will also need some white ribbon (about 12 cm long), a sewing needle and thread (colors to match the felt pieces), a pen, scissors, some polyester fiberfill, and a piece of paper.

Cut out the body of your snowman.

Draw the outline of a snowman on a piece of paper. You decide what your snowman should look like – whether it is two or three snowballs high, whether it is thick or thin. Cut out the outline of your snowman and place it on a piece of white felt. Take a pen and trace the outline of your snowman onto the piece of felt. Then cut it out. Trace the outline again onto another piece of white felt and cut it out as well. You should now have two identical snowman outlines.

Cut out your snowman’s arms and facial features.

Cut five small circles out of black felt. These will be the snowman’s eyes and his three charcoal buttons. Cut out a small triangle from the orange felt. This will be the snowman’s carrot nose. Cut out two stick shapes from the brown felt. They will serve as arms for your snowman.

Sew the eyes, nose, and buttons onto the snowman.

Take one of your snowman outlines and sew the eyes, nose, and buttons onto it. Always use yarn of matching color – orange yarn for the nose, black yarn for the other parts.

Assemble the snowman.

Take the two white body outlines and superimpose them so you can see the facial features and the buttons. Take the two brown felt sleeves and place them between the two body outlines, sticking out on either side. Take the white ribbon and put it on top of each other. Place the ends at the top of the snowman’s head between the two body outlines. It will be the loop for hanging.

Sew everything together.

Take a needle and white thread and sew the two body outlines together. Leave a 3mm seam allowance. When sewing, make sure that you sew on the two arms of the snowman and the ends of the loops and that they do not slip. Don’t sew the snowman all the way shut yet. Leave a 1/2-inch opening at the bottom.

Fill the snowman.

Take the polyester fiberfill and stuff your snowman with it. When it’s nice and round, sew it all the way shut. He’s done now. You can now hang your little snowman on the tree and admire your work.


Take a clear glass ball.

It doesn’t matter how big it is, what matters is that it’s easy to open.

Take off the lid and pour some floor wax into the ball.

Carefully remove the top of your glass sphere to avoid breaking it, and pour in some floor wax or floor sealer. It may sound weird, but the wax makes sure the glitter powder sticks to the wall of the ball. But make sure that the remedy you use is acrylic-based and dries colorless. Gently swirl the liquid around the ball so that the entire interior surface is coated. When you’re done, pour the rest back into the bottle to avoid wasting anything.

Get different colored glitter powder.

Take a good amount of the glitter powder of your choice and swirl it around the ball until the entire inner surface is coated in glitter. Pour the rest back into the can. It is up to you which color you take – whether gold, silver, red, blue, green or purple. Go after what goes with the rest of your tree ornaments. If you want to try something different, mix multiple colors for a disco ball effect.

Put the lid back on the sphere.

Once the glitter powder is dry, close the ball again. If the lid feels loose, use some glue to hold it in place.

Decorate the outside of the ball.

If you like, you can leave your glitter ball as it is. Alternatively, you can decorate the outside of the ball with snowflakes or star stickers, rhinestones, or sequins.

Snowflakes made from clothespins

Take eight wooden clothespins.

For one snowflake you need eight clothespins. Carefully disassemble each clothespin by removing the metal springs.

Glue the two halves of each clothespin together.

Before you glue the flat sides of the clothespins together with hot glue or wood glue, for a clothespin, sandwich the two ends of the ribbon between the two halves. The resulting loop is intended for attaching the snowflake.

make the snowflake.

Assemble the snowflake as follows: Take two of the glued pieces and glue the flat ends together at right angles. Glue two more pieces to make an “X”. Take the remaining four pieces and glue one between each right angle. You should now have a snowflake.

Paint the snowflake.

Spray paint the snowflake with white or gold paint. Color with a shimmer effect looks particularly beautiful. If you like, glue sequins or glass stones to your snowflake.

Final tips

You can get all the materials you need in craft stores or in drugstores and supermarkets. Aerosol snow looks great when you spray it on the tips of the fir branches. Hang some candy canes in your tree, too. Try making these Christmas decorations with the whole family and have fun! Get all the best Christmas deals and discounts here.

Final warnings

Be careful when removing the metal springs and hot glue.

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