A Complete Guide to Wrapping Gifts

wrap gifts

Wrapping a present is a nice gesture that shows someone how important they are to you. You can easily wrap a gift if you do all the folding and cutting carefully. When you’re done with the simple wrapping, you can add a personal touch to the gift with bows and embellishments. You’ll have a beautiful gift to give to a loved one when you’re done.

Measure paper

Remove all price tags.

It is perceived as inappropriate if the price tag is still on the gift because the recipient does not need to know how much you spent. If you can’t remove the sticker, black out the price with a pen.

Put the gift in a box.

It’s easier to wrap a gift in a box. You can buy boxes for gifts in the same department as wrapping paper. You can also use an old box, like a shoebox, that you have lying around. You can also tape the top of the box shut to keep it from opening during packing.

Unroll the wrapping paper.

Work on a flat surface, like a hard wooden floor or table. Unroll the wrapping paper on the table. Unroll enough wrapping paper to fit twice lengthwise around the box. Don’t cut the paper yet.

Place the box face down on the wrapping paper.

Place the box in the middle of the paper. The top is turned down. Center it between the edge of the wrapping paper and the roll.

Wrap the paper around the box.

Take the edge of the wrapping paper and wrap it around the box, covering about half of it. Then roll the roll of wrapping paper over the box to the other end. The box is now completely covered with wrapping paper.

Cut the paper so that it overlaps.

The wrapping paper should overlap slightly at the top of the box. Cut a straight line in the top layer of wrapping paper so that it overlaps the bottom layer by a few inches.

Wrap a box-shaped gift

Tape one side of the paper to the box.

Once you’ve cut the paper to the right size, let go of it. Set the roll of wrapping paper aside and take the clear tape. Fold one end of the paper over the box and flatten it against the bottom. Take a piece of duct tape. Fix the paper roughly in the middle of the box.

Fold the other side of the paper over and tape it in place.

Fold the other side of the paper over the top of the box. The paper will slightly overlap the other end of the paper you just attached. Stick a piece of tape in the middle of the box. Fix the top layer of paper to the bottom one. This piece of paper is the visible paper on the box. If you want a straighter edge, you can fold the end of the paper inward to make the edge straighter before you glue it in place. If you’re wrapping a large gift, you’ll need a few pieces of tape to hold everything in place.

Fold the paper at the corners of the box.

Unfolded paper is still sticking out on two sides of the box. Start on one page. Press both ends of the paper inward to hug the box’s corners.

Make triangular folds.

If the edges are at the corners of the box, you have four triangles on each corner. Make a crease with your fingers to hold them in place.

Fold the top and bottom flaps together.

You now have two trapezoidal tabs at the top and bottom of the box. Press the top flap down and crease the edge to secure it. Then press the bottom flap up so that it overlaps the top flap. Make a crease here as well to secure the fold.

Secure the sides with tape.

Take a piece of duct tape. Bring the top flap to the bottom flap. Center the tape on this side of the box. This side of the box is now completely covered with wrapping paper.

Repeat the same on the other side.

Turn the box and repeat on the other side. Press the wrapping paper inwards at the corners of the box. Make folds on all four triangles. Press the top flap down and the bottom flap up. Secure the folds with tape.

Cylinder shaped gift

Measure your object.

Measure the object’s circumference with a tape measure. Add ten centimeters to the circumference. Then measure the approximate length of the object from top to bottom and the diameter of the flat side. If you want to measure the circumference, wrap a tape measure around the curve of the item. If you want to know the diameter of the flat side, measure from one end to the other. If an object is larger on one flat side than the other, measure the diameter of the larger side.

Cut your tissue paper.

It is better to wrap cylindrical objects with tissue paper than with wrapping paper. Cut the tissue paper into a rectangular shape. The rectangle’s width is the object’s perimeter plus ten centimeters. The length of the rectangle is the diameter plus the object’s length. For example, let’s say the circle’s circumference is 12.5 cm, the length is 20 cm, and the diameter is 10 cm. Your rectangle would be 22.5 x 30 cm.

Place the object in the middle of the paper.

Spread the paper out on a flat surface. Place the object roughly in the middle of the paper.

Wrap the paper around the round side.

Wrap the tissue paper around the round side of the cylinder, one side at a time. One side of the paper slightly overlaps the other. Glue the upper layer of tissue paper to the lower layer in the middle of the object.

Twist both ends to enclose the cylinder.

The paper on the flat side of the cylinder is still sticking out. First, pin the paper on one side of the object and twist it twice. Then wrap a piece of tape around it to hold it in place. Repeat on the other side. Twisting is similar to wrapping candy, such as Haribo Roulette.


Turn the box over.

If you decorate it, only the top of the box. Turn the box over so the edges of the paper aren’t showing at the top of the box.

Put up a From/For a sign.

Such a sign always gives your packaging a personal touch. You can use store-bought signs, which are available at most department stores. You can also make your signs by cutting construction paper into the shape of a sign and wrapping it in decorative paper. Then write a personal note on it with a pencil or pen.

about the gift.

Use a wide ribbon-like you can buy at a department store. Turn the gift upside down, so the taped areas are facing up. Tape the end of the ribbon to the center of the box. Wrap it lengthways around the box until the band goes around the wrapper. Cut the ribbon and fix the other end with tape. If you like, you can wrap the ribbon around the box twice. Repeat, but this time wrap the ribbon across the width of the gift.

Glue on stick-on bows.

If you want to save time, stick on pre-made bows instead. You can buy them at any department store. The bows have a sticker on the bottom that you press onto the gift to hold the bow.

Use artificial berries or herbs as embellishments.

You can purchase artificial berries and herbs from your local gift or craft store. You can stick them on your gifts as a nice, decorative embellishment. This is great in winter when red berries and holly are a traditional seasonal decoration.

Tie bells around the ribbons.

If you’re using a ribbon, tie some bells to it. Thread some bells through the ribbon before wrapping it around the gift to give it a special touch. This is a great ornament for a holiday.

Final Tips

Clear packaging tape is best for wrapping gifts that you’re shipping or that you’ll wrap well in advance. The wrapping paper will not unroll as easily if you cut open an empty toilet paper roll and wrap it around the roll of wrapping paper.


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