4 Simple Steps to Wrap Cylindrical Gifts

Wrap cylindrical gifts

Not all gifts are easy to store and wrap in rectangular boxes. Maybe one day, you’ll find yourself faced with the seemingly impossible task of wrapping an odd-shaped gift. Packing an item like this is tricky but doable. You can use different methods for packing. For example, you can wrap the gift in wrapping paper and fan out or twist the ends of the paper to make it look like candy. If you want to make it easier, you can simply put the gift in a gift bag.

Fan out the wrapping paper at the ends

Measure and cut the wrapping paper.

If you are wrapping a cylindrical gift, you can measure the required piece of paper relatively easily. Place the gift on the wrapping paper and estimate roughly how much you will need to wrap the top hat. Trim the paper so that it overlaps by an inch or two at the ends of the cylinder. Pull up the paper at both ends of the gift. The wrapping paper should be able to reach the middle at both ends. Feel free to cut off some more paper. If the paper is too long, you can trim it later. Use sturdy wrapping paper that won’t tear easily.

Wrap the paper around the cylinder.

Once you have trimmed the paper, place the gift in the center of the turned paper. Make a 1/2 inch crease on one of the long sides of the paper. Attach a strip of double-sided tape to this crease. Then wrap the paper around the cylinder and stick the paper with the tape. Make sure the gift is in the center of the wrapping paper. If it has shifted, realign it to the center.

Using your fingers, fold the wrapping paper at the ends of the cylinder.

Place the end of the wrapping paper at the end of the cylinder in the middle. Hold the folded piece with one finger and pull the edge of the paper toward the center with your other hand. This should allow the paper to fold in a fan shape. Fan the wrapping paper around the entire cylinder against the end of the cylinder. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the gift when you’re done folding.

Hide the creases if necessary.

If you have folded the wrapping paper in a fan shape at both ends of the gift, you can cut off the excess paper and attach the ends with double-sided tape. You can also cut out a small circle from wrapping paper and tape it to the center of the folds. Unclean creases can thus be effectively covered. In addition to the wrapping paper used for wrapping, you can also use another suitable color for the circle.

Embellish your packaging with a bow or ribbon.

Place the cylindrical gift upright on a long ribbon. Pull the ribbon up the sides of the gift and tie it tightly in a knot at the top. Trim the ribbon so you have two ends of equal length. You can then tie a bow on top of the knot in the center of the gift. If you want, you can ruffle the hanging ends of the ribbon. Alternatively, you can tie a bow to the top of the gift without putting an extra ribbon around the top hat. This way, the gift will look simpler. Use a bow or ribbon in a color that matches the wrapping paper. For example, if you use red paper with gold stars, you should use a gold ribbon or bow.

Twist the ends

Measure out the right length of wrapping paper and cut it off.

If you want to wrap the cylindrical gift into candy, you will need more wrapping paper. Place the item on the wrapping paper, measuring out enough paper to completely cover the gift all the way around. Overlap the paper by about an inch. Pull up the paper on both sides of the gift and check that the gift is completely covered. You don’t have to measure the wrapping paper perfectly, but make sure it’s the same length on both sides. It is best to cut off a piece that is too big to have a little play. You can trim it later.

Wrap the paper around the cylinder.

Place the gift in the center of the paper, printed side down. Make a 1/4 inch crease along the long edges of the paper. Stick a strip of double-sided tape along this crease. Then wrap the paper around the cylinder and secure it with the tape. Make sure the gift is in the middle of the paper, and use your fingers to move it if necessary.

Twist the paper at both ends.

Grab the excess paper at the two ends of the wrapping paper tube and twist it gently. If you want the paper to fit the gift as snugly as possible, twist one end at a time. Place a piece of tape around the twisted portion of the paper to keep it from unraveling. Fan the excess paper at the end to make the gift look like candy. This method is great for cylindrical gifts that don’t need to be placed upright. A gift wrapped in this way is placed horizontally.

Tie the ends together with a ribbon.

For embellishment, you can wrap a short ribbon around the twisted part of the wrapping paper. Tie a knot in the ribbon and let it hang loose. Choose a ribbon that matches the wrapping paper. Optionally attach a gift card or name tag to the gift.

Wrap an upright cylindrical gift

Place the present in the center of the wrapping paper.

This method works especially well for cylindrical gifts that you want to stand upright. Stand the gift upright in the center of the paper. Use thick, high-quality wrapping paper that can withstand the weight of the gift.

Bring the opposite corners together.

Grab the two opposite corners of the wrapping paper and fold them to meet over the gift. Repeat this step with the other two corners. Now all four corners should touch in the middle. Pinch them with your finger and place them against the gift with your other hand.

Fold the paper into the gift.

You can fan fold the paper to make the end result look professional. Neat creases give your packaging a better look.

Wrap a ribbon around the wrapping paper.

If you have folded or crumpled the paper at the top of the gift, you can secure it with a ribbon. Choose a ribbon that matches the color and pattern of the wrapping paper. Excess wrapping paper can be easily concealed with a ribbon.

Use a gift bag

Wrap the gift in tissue paper.

You don’t have to be particularly tidy here, as the gift will be covered by the gift bag anyway. The tissue paper is only used to cover the gift and protect it from prying eyes.

Choose a gift bag that will protect the gift.

If packing an easily breakable item, you may want to spread extra tissue paper on the bottom of the gift bag for extra cushioning. Be sure to use a gift bag that matches the size of the gift. The gift should fit completely in the bag.

Put the present in the bag.

Depending on the gift, you can either stand the cylindrical object upright or put it in the bag. For example, if the gift is a jar of homemade sauce, you should place it upright in the bag to avoid spills. If, on the other hand, you are packing fabric items that have been rolled up into a cylinder, you can place them horizontally on the bottom of the bag.

Line the space of the gift bag with tissue paper.

Grab the middle of a piece of tissue paper. Hold the paper and twist your wrist. With your other hand, smooth the paper by looking down. Turn the tissue paper upside down, so the ruffled part of the paper faces up. Now put the piece of tissue paper in the bag. The crumpled portion of the paper should be inside the bag, with the ruffled ends sticking up. Repeat this step with 3 to 4 more pieces of tissue paper. Choose a tissue paper that matches the color of the gift bag. You can use plain tissue paper or add a little extra color to your gift.


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