3 ways to check if someone is online on WhatsApp


WhatsApp allows you to see if your contacts are online and when they last used the app. While you can’t see the status for all contacts at once, you can check each individual fairly easily.

Open WhatsApp.



Tap a conversation.

Choose a conversation you had with the contact whose online status you want to see. If you haven’t started a conversation with the contact whose status you want to see, you’ll need to create a new chat. Press the chat bubble icon in the top right corner.

Check out his status.

If they’re online, you’ll see “Online” under their contact name. Otherwise, it says: “Last online…”. “Online” means that your contact is currently using the app. “Last seen…” means that your contact last used the app at the specified time. If your contact is in the process of contacting you, you may see activities such as “Writing” or “Sound recording” instead.


There is currently no way to see a contact’s online status through their contact card. You can only see his status through conversations.

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