3 simple ways to help you end an erection

end erection

Yes, an erection is often a welcome experience, but it can also come at inconvenient times. It’s normal for adolescent men to experience random erections without first experiencing sexual thoughts or stimulation. However, when they appear at school or in conversations with girls, your main focus will probably be to hide your erection and end it as soon as possible. While waiting is usually the best option, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

Focus on something else

Relax or try to use your tension to your advantage.

Remember, seemingly random erections are completely normal and nothing to worry about. There’s a good chance no one noticed anyway. Take a few deep breaths and try to calm down. Worrying about your erection can make you worry even more and make it even harder to get rid of. However, your tension can even work to your advantage. Stress causes a “fight or flight” response, which includes redistributing blood to your arms and legs. Diverting your blood away from your genitals can help with your erection. So perhaps the best advice isn’t not to worry about your erection, but rather to worry about other things that can distract you and reduce your problem.

Try to focus on something complicated and non-sexual.

You may know the old joke that men don’t have enough blood to fuel both their brains and their penises at the same time. While that’s not entirely true, there is some validity to the idea of ​​using distraction to decongest your penis (i.e., getting it back to its flaccid state). Try to occupy your mind with something unrelated to sex. But don’t try to actively forget about your erection. In other words, try not to think, “OK. I’m thinking about football now! Definitely not my erection!” Your erection won’t go away until you completely focus on something else. Force yourself to perform an action that requires your full mental focus: play an instrument, read, play a sport, or do a math problem. If you can’t distract yourself by doing an activity, try to visualize it in your head. If you’re in a social situation and can’t distract yourself without attracting attention, imagine yourself doing something else. If you love playing the guitar, imagine every little detail: where to put your fingers, how you pluck, and what the sound is like.

Try changing the scene.

Sometimes the best way to distract yourself is to just go somewhere else for a while. If the erection was triggered by someone or something in a room, you may have a hard time getting rid of it unless you leave the room. Give yourself five minutes to calm down and come back with renewed determination. Ignore sexual stimuli. Don’t allow yourself to see, hear, or feel anything arousing. Distract your senses by directing them to things that need a lot of attention. If you can’t ignore the attractive person next to you, focus on the book in front of you instead.

Release a slight pain.

No reputable medical professional would recommend inflicting yourself with any amount of pain just to stop a natural and harmless bodily reaction. However, the idea still exists that a slight pain can stop an erection. As long as you’re only inflicting yourself with very mild pain (actually just for distraction), there shouldn’t be any harm in trying. For example, you can try secretly pinching your thigh. This is easy to hide and cannot seriously hurt you. It only does away just enough to distract you. Some also recommend snapping your finger through your pants onto your testicles if you’re really desperate. Just don’t snap too hard or you might hurt yourself! Remember, it’s never worth hurting yourself for an erection.

Hide the erection and wait

Sit down

When you sit, the fabric of your pants naturally spreads over your crotch in a way that makes it difficult for others to tell when you have an erection. Sitting also allows you to cover your crotch with your legs. Squeezing or crossing your legs makes it even harder to spot an erection. These tactics should give you enough time for your erection to go away on its own. Sitting down also gives you more options to hide your erection. For example, if you’re sitting at a table or desk, you can simply pull your chair a little closer to hide your crotch. You can also fold your hands over your lap.

Cover your crotch.

If you have an erection, try to buy some time by holding something inconspicuously in front of your crotch. Try covering your crotch with something like a book, laptop, or newspaper. When standing, try to hold a bag, backpack, purse, coat, or newspaper at waist level. Whatever you decide, be subtle about it. Hold the object as if everything is normal. Otherwise, you could draw even more attention to the area you actually want to cover up.

Tuck your erection into your waistband.

If your erection won’t go away, try to adjust it quickly and discreetly with your hand. Try tucking the hard shaft under the waistband of your pants or panties. As a result, your penis lies along the zipper or hem of your pants and the erection is less noticeable. Be careful if you have your t-shirt tucked in or are wearing a shirt that doesn’t come down to your hips. If your shirt rides up a bit, you could expose yourself. Be aware that while this technique hides your erection, the friction of the fabric could arouse you even further. Some prefer to stick the erection down, towards a thigh. It’s just a matter of personal preference and comfort.

Accelerate the decline

Get some relief.

Depending on the situation, tight pants can make your erection even worse. Try to loosen them up discreetly. Sit behind a table or desk and unbuckle your belt. If necessary, you can also partially unbutton your pants or unzip them a little to give your erection a little “air to breathe”. Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t make it too obvious. After all, you don’t want to be taken for a pervert. If you have a little privacy, an ice pack on your crotch (over clothing) can ease your discomfort and make your erection go away. If you’ve ever gone swimming in cold water or walked around in shorts on a cold day, you’ll know that your penis and testicles tend to retreat near your warm body when this happens.

Try a warm bath or some light exercise.

While a cold shower is often seen as the quintessential “pleasure killer,” a warm bath can give you a calming, relaxing experience that may even make your erection go away even faster. Casual exercise, such as treadmill walking or simple aerobics, can also distract you and redirect your blood to other parts of the body. These alternatives are often suggested as first steps in case of possible priapism (permanent erection). With priapism, the accumulated blood gets trapped in the shaft of your penis and cannot drain out. If your erection – for whatever reason – lasts longer than four hours, you should see a doctor immediately. If a persistent erection is left untreated, it can lead to permanent damage, including (but not limited to) erectile dysfunction.


It may not be that easy with an erection, but urinating can sometimes make an erection go away. Urinating creates a comfortable, relaxing feeling in your groin area, making the erection feel less “tight” and “urgent.” Waking up in the morning with an erection is normal for men of all ages. It can also occur without the occurrence of sexually arousing dreams. Despite the difficulty of hitting your target with an erection, urinating can make your erection wear off faster.


When it really counts, the natural course of events is still the best method for ending an erection. Unless there is a medical cause, ejaculation will always end the erection. Unobtrusively excuse yourself from the situation and find a private place: a bathroom, bedroom, or other sanctuaries where you can feel private. Do what you have to do, clean up and return to the situation relieved and ready. Avoid masturbating in public. If you find yourself in public with an erection, try to find a relatively private retreat. If it’s really urgent, a public restroom will do just fine, as long as you go into a stall and don’t be too loud and obvious. Masturbating in public is illegal in many places, and you could disturb others if you’re not careful.


Understand that it’s normal to get an erection at inopportune times. That’s how you’re programmed and it’s not just you. If others notice your erection, they should also realize that this is perfectly normal. Don’t feel embarrassed if you get an erection from hugging or kissing an attractive person. This is a normal, natural reaction.


If your erection lasts longer than four hours, call your doctor and make an appointment. This can happen after taking a sexual enhancer or when there is a connection to a medical cause.

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