3 Best Ways to Make Fast Vampire Fangs

vampire fangs

Spending tons of money on vampire fangs is totally unnecessary. With either fake nails, dental wax, or just a straw, you can rock that Halloween costume party, or just a good ol’ Tuesday afternoon the right way without sucking your wallet. See Step 1 of each of these methods below to get started!

With artificial nails

Buy a set of white false nails!

The better they match the natural color of your teeth, the better. You could paint them, but that tastes weird and could come off with your saliva. If you can’t find white, look for a light flesh color! A standard set from the drugstore is enough – no reason to be fancy here! You only use two of them anyway.

Pick the nails that match your canines!

There are nails of different sizes in your pack, so choose the ones that will naturally fit your canines – those are the ones that are kind of pointy! Some people can even snap the artificial nails over their teeth. Can you make her hold without holding her? If you like, you can also put them on your side incisors (these are the teeth on the right and left of your two front teeth). For some people, this is more visible and still looks good.

File them to a point!

You can use nail clippers if you don’t have the time or patience, but a file would be better. You can make them as pointy as you like, just make sure the two match!

Glue them on with some denture glue!

You don’t need much at all – just a drop! Any color will do, but you’re obviously better off using glue that’s white or clear. Don’t use nail glue! Or super glue. Or some other kind of glue, for that matter. Not only are they toxic, but you also end up with fake nails taped to your teeth that you can’t get off.

With braces wax

Take a small amount of braces or dental wax and roll it into a ball.

It should be about half the size of a pea. And it’s not just for dentists! It can be purchased in the toothpaste section of most stores in the dental care section. Who would have thought?

Squeeze the wax on your canine!

Shape the wax to look like a fang! How big and hideous do you want him? Make sure to keep it manageable so you can still talk!

Bite down to shape the wax behind the tooth!

Make sure it is properly seated in your mouth. If not, it will feel unstable and you may be unable to close your mouth without dislocating it. You still want to be able to talk!


gently. This allows the wax to adhere more firmly to your tooth. The last thing you want is for him to move, fall out, or stop you from speaking without a lisp. vampires who speak tho thind namely nonethwegth ghoulish. Thie tollen but gruthelig thein!

Repeat on the other side!

Then start driving everyone insane, peering at their necks and all! Just try to avoid eating too much at their place – the facade might crumble if you bite on the popcorn and your fangs fly out.

With a straw

Cut off the tip of a straw just before the piece bends.

You could use a straight straw, but the top part of the flexible straw is just the right size. Don’t you have any of those? Cut a piece from your straw that is about 5 cm long. Logically, you prefer to use a white straw. Red streaks “might” be blood, but only the weakest pear is fooled.

Fold it in half and clip the open ends to a point.

Fold it in half, crease it, and then clip both ends into a point. You can make it super pointed and long, or you can make it more subtle. How steep do you want the angle to be? Do this for both halves of the straw, both the top and bottom.

Pull them apart and cut off one side!

They should be weakened enough that a slight tug will pull them apart. You now have two fang-like caps for your teeth. Instead of leaving the front and back, cut a fang from each, leaving a ribbon to tie around the teeth! If you left both sides on, you’ll see two different fangs on each tooth. This way the fang stays attached with the band of straw going around the back and the fang only sticks out at the front.

Put them on your canines!

These are the teeth that are already naturally pointed. You could stick them on other teeth if you feel like it, but that doesn’t get the vampire point across. These are not particularly stable. You can talk and drink (ideally with a straw) and when you eat, try to eat at the back of your mouth! The benefit of these teeth is that they’re super-easy to take out and put back in!


Dental wax (braces wax) can be purchased from the toothpaste section of any drugstore or grocery store, or can even be provided by your orthodontist. Braces help keep the wax on. Don’t eat with them as they might break – but that’s up to you! Removal of the fangs is done simply by peeling off the wax. Any excess wax can be removed by scraping. (Using a toothpick is recommended.) For longer fangs, use more wax!


Don’t eat with your fangs! They come off and can cause choking or other health problems.


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